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Who Are 'Moocraft Rosettes'?

We understand it can be difficult to judge a new supplier just by looking at their website.
Here, we tell you a little about ourselves, who we are and what we do. We let some of our customers tell you what they think of us.
We also tell you a bit about the kinds of customers we have. We hope this will all help you decide if we can help you.

Jannice wins some moocraft rosettes!
Prize examples
Tim in action

Hello from Jannice and Tim!

Jannice is the owner of Moocraft Rosettes, and it is Jan who you will deal with. She is the creative genius, and works to very high standards, always striving to ensure her customers are happy with their order. Jan is solely responsible for producing each order, so she is in direct control of the quality of our products.

In private Jan has been involved in dog showing all her life. Since 1992 she has owned and shown Norwegian Elkhounds.
Her kennel name is Norvin, which means 'Friend from the North'. She has bred her own Champion 'Norvin Snowstorm' - pet name Willow.
However, her dogs are family pets first and foremost.
Jannice is also a parent and grandparent and married Tim in 2013.

Tim is the printing expert at Moocraft. He also has other responsibilities including packaging and logistics.

Tim is a slalom canoeist, and has competed at the highest level in this country, reaching a ranking of 55th in Premier Division.
In recent years he has represented England as a veteran paddler.

Who do we supply?

Moocraft Rosettes has many customers from many varied types of events:

Dog shows, including many well known breed clubs, local shows, and major championship shows.
Horse events, agricultural society shows, poultry, sheep shows, horticulture etc.
Schools, car rallys, golf events, political events, charity events, fayres etc.

What do our customers say about us?

Chris Cooper, Pudsey District Ringcraft Club "Rosettes have just arrived they are really lovely, thankyou... as always they are wonderful".
Mrs M Taylor, Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club "Many thanks for your hard work, the rosettes are beautiful".
Shirley, Kirkbie Kendal School "Thank you so much for the fantastic rosettes. We are really pleased with them".
Marion McCardle, Merseyside Boxer Club "The rosettes you did for our last show and the Dog of the Year were beautiful thank you".
Mrs Hodgson, Carlisle "The rosettes arrived perfect and were lovely. Many thanks. P.S. Have a bunch of flowers on me".