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Lord - affordable quality

Our standard, most popular rosette, available in 1, 2 or 3 tiers.
Comprises loose box pleated 24mm ribbon around a 68mm centre.
Prices depend on the quantity of rosettes ordered:

Quantity 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier
  70p 95p £1.20



Hector - wider ribbon for a fuller effect

closeup of Hector rosette head


1, 2 and 3 tier Lord rosettes

2 tier Lord rosettes in standard 1st to 7th place colours

3 tiers of wider 36mm ribbon, creating a fuller, luxurious rosette for those special awards!
Come complete with wider, longer tails. Choose 1, 2 or 3 colour combinations.

3 Tier Hector £3.00 each

Hectors look splendid with printed tails.
The Hector rosettes shown here have a tier of metallic ribbon.


3 Hector rosettes

Moocraft Specials - fabulous rosettes for special awards

Whether it's one rosette or a whole show set you need, we aim to please.
The rosettes here are a small selection showing what we can do. Click them for a closer look.

4 tier Moocraft Special with wide outer and printed tails
4 tier Moocraft Special with wide outer, points and metallic edged ribbon
points and loops only Moocraft Special
single faced satin 4 tier Moocraft Special with wide outer, points and printed tails
5 tier Moocraft Special with wide outer


pink/white show set

blue/white show set

Moocraft Sashes - high quality printed sashes

When a rosette won't do, why not award a Moocraft Sash. To win a sash is something special. Prices start at £20.

straight sash finished with tastles

High quality single face satin ribbon sewn with matching thread. Your choice of silver or gold wording on each ribbon.
Looped sashes for over the shoulder or around an animal neck. Straight sashes with tastles to put over an animal or for wall hanging.

Badges - for officials and members etc.

Our normal officials badges and rosettes are outlined here. If you require something a bit different, we are here to help.

Circular Lapel Badges  
Plain Badge 45p
Flint Badge 55p
Star Mounted Badge 60p
Ribbon Mounted Badge 70p
Judges Rosettes  
Plain, 1 tier 65p
1 tier with Star 80p
Plain, 2 tiers 85p

Circular Lapel Badges

Judges Rosettes